Is Seasonal Booking Available for Frequent Players?

Category: Facilities Information

Absolutely! We understand your desire to play frequently. We offer the option of a fixed seasonal booking that suits your needs.

However, for an even more rewarding experience, delve into our Contactless Booking e-Voucher. This choice not only brings you remarkable savings but also elevates your flexibility and adds a range of fantastic perks to your game.

It’s all about optimizing your badminton journey. Take your pick and enjoy the game to the fullest!


 Description Fixed Seasonal Booking Contacless Booking e-Voucher
 Rates Published Online
 Value N/A Up to 30% Extra Value
 Venue Fixed Redeemable at any MBA Centres
 Flexibility Fixed day / time / facilities Redeemable at any day / time / facilities
 Changes Change Fee Apply FREE Changes (min. 72 hours prior to scheduled booking)