FAQ Category: Getting Started and Age Requirements

Are there separate classes for different age ranges?

Our approach primarily revolves around organizing classes based on skill levels rather than age ranges. As students commence their training at various ages, we structure our classes to accommodate learners’ progress and capabilities

Is there a trial lesson for new students?

Yes, we offer trial sessions for newcomers. It’s a paid trial, and if you decide to enroll within 30 days, the trial fee will be refunded as a 1-lesson credit (valid for 30 days) for your next lesson.

How Do I Choose the Right Level for a Trial Lesson?

For new learners, opt for Basic (Youth). If you have basic skills, choose Beginner Level (Youth) / Social (Adult) Level. Rest assured, our coach will assess and suggest the best program after your trial lesson.

Can My Special Child Learn Badminton?

It’s important to mention that we don’t specialize in teaching special needs children. However, we do offer the option of private lessons, with the requirement that parents/guardians are present during sessions. While our expertise is limited, we’re open to discussing individual arrangements to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment.