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Is lessons ongoing during public holidays?

Yes, on most public holidays except for festive holidays. For Chinese New Year & Hari Raya, we will be closed for training for seven (7) days each respectively. Our centre is open as usual should you wish to have some practice session on your own.

How do I redeem my lesson credit?

Value PlanScheduled are fixed therefore not applicable. A change fee is required for any changes. Standard PlanScheduled flexible. You will need to redeem your lessons by/before the expiry. Otherwise forfeited. Click here for Tutorial : How to schedule in for a class? Personalized PlanScheduled are flexible. Kindly contact 012-9698101 to schedule your session. Advance appointment required (min. 72hrs)

How do I make the monthly fees payment?

An invoice will be emailed to you every 15th of month for the following month fees, kindly make payment by/before the 22nd of the month using Credit / Debit Card for your convenience. Please note that lesson credit will only be credited and reflected in your account within 72hrs from the time of payment.

What is a Deposit?

It is equivalent to your one (1) month training fees. You will need to top up when you upgrade. In the event that you wish to cancel / terminate your classes with us. Kindly inform us in writing to terminate your class with a 30 days notice, the deposit will then be used to offset …

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