Facilities Information

We’ve categorized our badminton courts into four distinct types, all adhering to international standards in terms of dimensions. The difference lies in the offerings and experience they provide:


 Features Classic (C) Standard (S) Preferred (P) Premier Reserve (PR)
 Flooring Special Epoxy Rubberized Rubberized Rubberized
 Seating Limited Limited Medium Large
 Area Limited Limited Spacious Spacious
 Privacy N/A N/A N/A Yes (No adjacent court)

Absolutely! We understand your desire to play frequently. We offer the option of a fixed seasonal booking that suits your needs.

However, for an even more rewarding experience, delve into our Contactless Booking e-Voucher. This choice not only brings you remarkable savings but also elevates your flexibility and adds a range of fantastic perks to your game.

It’s all about optimizing your badminton journey. Take your pick and enjoy the game to the fullest!


 Description Fixed Seasonal Booking Contacless Booking e-Voucher
 Rates Published Online
 Value N/A Up to 30% Extra Value
 Venue Fixed Redeemable at any MBA Centres
 Flexibility Fixed day / time / facilities Redeemable at any day / time / facilities
 Changes Change Fee Apply FREE Changes (min. 72 hours prior to scheduled booking)

Certainly! You’re more than welcome to book our courts for hosting friendly matches, tournaments, or even a sports day event.

Rest assured, we have all the necessary arrangements to make your event a success. To learn more about our offerings and how we can assist you in organizing a fantastic event, simply click here.

We look forward to helping you create memorable experiences on our courts!

The suitability will vary based on the nature of your classes and activities. Please note that external badminton coaching is not allowed. Please be aware that if it’s discovered that you’ve made a booking to conduct external badminton coaching, the booking will be instantly cancelled, and no refund will be provided.

For potential collaboration opportunities, kindly contact us.

Our operations are designed for convenience. Our automated system ensures that lights and fans are synchronized with your scheduled bookings, guaranteeing a comfortable environment during your playtime.

After the conclusion of your booking, our system maintains the walkway lights for an additional 10 minutes. This feature enhances safety and provides a smooth transition for all players.