Attire and Schedule

Absolutely! To ensure a comfortable and safe learning experience, here’s what we recommend:

1. Academy Teamwear: 

Wearing the team T-shirt to lessons fosters a sense of unity and belonging.

2. Proper Sports Attire:

For your practice sessions, we advise wearing proper sports shorts or track bottoms. These provide the flexibility and freedom of movement you need to excel in badminton.

3. Badminton Shoes:

Investing in a pair of dedicated badminton shoes is essential. These shoes are designed with non-marking soles, ensuring good grip on the court without leaving any marks. They also offer the necessary support for the quick lateral movements characteristic of badminton.

4. Sports Socks:

Wearing suitable sports socks is essential for added comfort and to prevent blisters. Opt for socks that provide cushioning and breathability.

For your convenience, we offer these recommended clothing and footwear options at both our onsite and online store. This makes it easy for you to access the right gear that suits your needs. By adhering to these clothing and footwear suggestions, you’ll not only enhance your overall learning experience but also minimize the risk of injury.

Remember, your safety and comfort are paramount as you embark on your badminton journey.

Yes, lessons are held on most public holidays, except during festive holidays. We observe a training break of seven (7) days each for Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. However, our center remains open for practice sessions on your own.